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Anita Sheehan

"I Create Impact In Organizations"

With an accomplished background in corporate SaaS (Software as a Service) in the Medical/Healthcare industry, Anita Sheehan has grown into a formidable coach by training and getting certified in a variety of coaching methods, as Appreciative Inquiry, Sociocracy, Deep Democracy, Radical Collaboration, Non-violent communication and Sense +. Each of these methodologies target the individual well-being, a healthy environment and above all else provide the Coachee with a sound set of tools for the best possible personal decision making.

“Anita Sheehan is the Organizational Coach to look out for in the next lustrum”

Her clients include the European Parliament, both SME and large corporations, local communities as well as non-profit organizations. She works in English, French and German. When asked about the most important aspects as a reflection her coaching she responded without hesitation “Inspiring positive change and connecting individuals with their self-worth”

“I have been able to inspire them to look at themselves in a new, more constructive light, which has helped them to move forward with their life and professional projects.”

Her process is a methodical brush of proven coaching approaches, such as Appreciative Inquiry and Sociocracy, a leadership method in which every person is heard. This creates a sense of equivalence, engagement and above all trust. It is the trust that lies at the foundation of a collaborative and therefore flourishing organization. Anita is also well-versed in Radical Collaboration techniques, such as interest-based negotiation processes and non-violent communication, ensuring sustainable and productive work environments.

With her translation education from NYU (New York University) and a Master of her topic, Anita Sheehan is currently in the process of translating Sociocracy 3.0 from Dutch into English. It is expected that this will have a far-reaching effect on a wider audience as a result of her translation work.

Total Years of Coaching
Business Coaching
Executive Coach
Life Coach
Corporate Coaching
Team Coaching and Facilitation
Philosophical Based Coaching
Evidence Based Coaching


Anita Sheehan is an accomplished Coach, Trainer and Facilitator that follows the principle of Appreciative Inquiry and Sociocracy.

-Root, Grow, Bloom and Team Coaching --
The Coaching Square, Belgium
-NLP Practitioner Certificate Training
Performance Partners, UK
-Appreciative Inquiry Certificate Training
The Center for Appreciative Inquiry/Company of Experts, US
-Sociocracy and Sociocracy 3.0
James Priest/iLean, Belgium
-Radical Collaboration Basic and Teacher Training
Jim Tamm (US), trained in Belgium


The combination of Sociocracy and Appreciative Inquiry delivers a surprisingly powerful execution based results driven methodology:

Appreciative Inquiry: Appreciative Inquiry is an approach to organizational change which focuses on strengths rather than on weaknesses--quite different to many approaches which focus on deficits and problems. Problems are not ignored, but they are looked at in a more constructive way

Sociocracy, (also referred to dynamic governance), is a system of governance which differentiates by using consent rather than majority voting in decision-making. Its goal is to bring about solutions that create (environmental) social harmony and productive institutions (organizations/businesses)


Anita's clients never seem to stop praising her, the change is felt through their words:

“I was really stuck in how to move forward professionally and also in my personal life”

"Anita helped me decipher my strengths, my values, my life goal. This helped me gain new perspective and energy to go for what I really wanted. And together we worked on the steps to get there"

An Interview with me

ETIMY: “How would you like to be perceived by your clients?”

Anita: “The midwife 😉 Dynamic but gentle!”

ETIMY: “What makes you good at what you do?”

Anita: “My deep love and respect for every human being. My belief that there is a gem (actually many 😊) in everyone, and all we need to do is retrieve and polish them. Most importantly, matching people’s strengths, values and passions with their life goals.”

ETIMY: “Whats really fun to do in your job as a Career Coach?”

Anita: “Seeing the energy emerge in individuals and in groups when they realize what they are good at, and then taking ownership for the steps to be taken to reach their goals”

*This page uses material from the Wikipedia article https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sociocracy


“I use powerful questions and techniques (including body work/movement) to reveal the team members’ values, beliefs and motivations in the plenary. The end-result is always greater trust and cohesion among colleagues and a greater sense of achievement and sound decision making.”

As Organizational coach Anita is well recognized in her ability to create more connection within teams, break down the silos between departments, and to have the whole group come up with a common vision and action plan.

Her expertise (across organizations SME to Government) allows the dynamic in the team to evolve due to a greater appreciation of each others’ personalities, competences and preferences. In one such session, she explained how she “loves to see how the level of energy rose and one could literally feel the strengthened connections between individuals, up and down the hierarchy, among colleagues, and across departments.”


“I have been followed the Roots, Grow, Bloom and Team Coaching modules with the Coaching Square in Belgium. My preferred methodology is Sociocracy followed by a Appreciative Inquiry for teams (trained in the US in 2012) and for individuals (trained in Amsterdam in 2014). I then utilize a combination of methods to fit each unique situation.”

Anita Sheehan is trained in Sociocracy (Sociocracy 3.0) and in Radical Collaboration with Jim Tamm, Non-violent Communication, and use these in conjunction with Barrett’s Values Assessments and appreciative methods. She is highly successful in introducing teams to Sociocratic methods (decision making processes, elections without candidate) and Radical Collaboration methods (i.e., interest-based negotiation).

*Sociocratic Circle-Organization Method (SCM) by electrical engineer and entrepreneur Gerard Endenburg from The Netherlands and is based on the work of peace activists and educators Betty Cadbury and Kees Boeke

My thoughts

“My focus in coaching is individuals’ and teams’ strengths “to make weaknesses irrelevant (Peter Drucker). Building on the life-affirming energies of strengths, qualities, values and passions, people and organizations are more prone to evolve quickly and concretely toward their goals. We do not negate difficulties but shift the focus more on what is working well.

The combination of methods I use unleashes a more collaborative spirit, resulting in greater engagement and work quality, as well as better relationships with stakeholders outside the company.

ETIMY: Why is your coaching impactful in the matter of “trust” in the organization?

Anita: “A common vision, and the engagement and ownership to bring their goals to fruition. In addition, when conflicts arise, I help them to identify their personal needs and interests to arrive at a solution that is constructive for all.”

Your future

Anita Sheehan talks about her experiences:
“The individuals who have come to me over the past 8 years to find direction in their lives, a sense of their mission, their life goals often feel stuck in their life path. Although I coach individuals from all levels of the organization, executives who require new perspectives for their professional (and also personal) lives have seen a positive impact on their teams that need to build trust.”

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Anita hosts events under the umbrella of Reinventing Organizations, based on Frederic Laloux’s book, which shows how companies that put the human at the center of their considerations, flourish and show a significant difference in their growth.