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Isabelle Goyon

"Authorize Yourself"

Isabelle Goyon’s corporate background spans 20 years as a manager and executive in the TV industry in Paris, culminating in her role as Executive Producer for Insurrection TV in Paris in 2008. Since then she has worked as an Executive Coach with executives, managers and their teams in large international companies, SMEs and NGO’s. Isabelle often focuses on optimizing company onboarding, ‘people’ effectiveness and developing leadership.

She finds herself at the forefront of helping teams to become impactful and validate their legitimacy through strengthend team commitment;  often helping these teams overcome periods of crisis and conflict.

The coaching journey goes through 3 key moments: Explore / Transform / Adjust”

Isabelle is not only a well-travelled Executive Coach, but she has coached expatriates and French individuals in the countries she lived. In 2015 she settled in The Hague, the Netherlands and developed digital coaching programs to support French managers and teams assigned all over the world.

Isabelle has also worked in Gabon, central Africa, where she joined Afric’RH to coach and train local and international managers. She has worked with an impressive array of companies such as, Air France, Radisson blue (Rezidor), Ecobank, BRED, Schneider Electric, Lactalis, Engie, Eurojust, Europol and Danone.


Total Years of Coaching
Sports Performance Coaching
Executive Coach
Life Coach
International Coaching
Intercultural Coaching
Evidence Based Coaching


International Mozaïk coaching school
-Systemic approach,
-Situational Leadership
-Golden Circle
-Intercultural assessment IRC
-360° feedback and Transactional Analysis.
-ICF (ACC - PCC in progress)
-Co-development Coaching
-IRC Intercultural Readiness Check


Isabelle Goyon acquired her training with the International Coaching School. According to the school, their unique instruction provides for a “transdisciplinary" approach to coaching.

This enables Isabelle to draw on a number of tools to apply her coaching techniques, yet maintaining critical focus.


"I feel more serene, more accomplished, more confident, I can't believe it! I realized that I didn't need to copy others, that I could be myself."

An Interview with me

ETIMY: “How would you like to be perceived by your clients?”

Isabelle: “Sparring-partner and accountability partner”

ETIMY: “What makes you good at what you do?”

Isabelle: “I offer my clients a space for heightening, questioning, in which they can imagine new, more efficient and adapted operations and where the professional practice is considered not in terms of Success/Failure but in terms of Trial/Error/Adjustment… It is a real learning space to reach the next level and deploy (finally!) all it’s potential…”

ETIMY: “What’s really fun to do in your job as a Career Coach?”

Isabelle: “Everything! But the very best is when my clients say: maybe you don’t remember this moment, but that was a moment of very strong awareness that allowed me to get out of my brakes and fears, and move towards what I really wanted”



“One of the highlights of my career is spending many months coaching leadership at Eurojust in a very tough international context. In this case, a French Magistrate.”

“It’s in these cases you can identify that even with high functional competence, high operational reliability, good ability for team management and a strong learning ability, leadership still requires: personal presence, charisma and the ability to influence in a political sense. It is not surprising it is difficult to delegate in a leadership position.


Isabelle Goyon was trained at the International Mozaïk coaching school. She utilises different methods and tools depending on her clients needs.

She is well versed in Systemic approach, Situational Leadership, Golden Circle, Intercultural assessment IRC, 360° feedback and Transactional Analysis.

With teams, I mainly work on building a strong team culture, specifically for multicultural or remote teams. I also facilitate Codevelopment sessions and inspiring webinars for global teams.

My thoughts

“Concrete results are obtained in a few weeks: strategic height in management meetings. Ability to slow down and take a step back / confidence strengthened in the team (communication and sharing of difficulties as they occur) and a better-shared vision is what makes a huge difference, and the reason my clients get so much out of my methods.

Your future

“The work on the WHY at the start allows you to get out of the expertise (the mastery files as a comfort zone) to rely on meaning. The “taking” of awareness is strong. You can then easily align it with the values, strategy and objectives of the organization, its mission and its a team.”