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Charmaine Raftesath

"Fall seven times, stand up eight"

Charmaine Raftesath has a strong background in Human Resources Management, from practitioner to senior management level. She was also on the board of the Local Government and Water Services Sectoral Education and Training Authority (SETA) and chaired the Water Chamber of the Local Government and Water Services SETA and the Standards Generating Body in the Water Services Sector.

She has since worked as an Executive Coach for 17 years in the Financial Services, Banking, Chemical, IT, Energy and Governmental/Parastatal. She explains, “Working closely with leaders and their teams intact, provides greater effectiveness in bringing about the required mind-shift and subsequent success”

mentoring, providing strategy and organisational development; Charmaine has worked extensively in South Africa and Internationally for NGO, Corporate and SME sectors. She has implemented mentorship programmes in multiple organisations including MTN (throughout the Middle East and Africa), Holcim, Standard Bank, Wesizwe Platinum, Sibanye Gold and Absa Capital.

The ability to challenge your thinking and views without making you feel inadequate and incapable”

As coaching authority and author, Charmaine chartered competency assessments in training and development which are now registered on the NQF and Medico-Legal Assessments.

Total Years of Coaching
Sports Performance Coaching
Executive Coach
Life Coach
International Coaching
Conflict Resolution
Evidence Based Coaching


-Applied Psychology - University of the Witwatersrand
-COMENSA Associate
-Insights Discovery Practitioner
-Enneagram Professional Training: D Riso and R Hudson, Enneagram Institute
-Brain-Based Training: Neuro Leadership Institute
-Axial Coaching


Charmaine Raftesath utilises a number of methods to ensure the highest level of Coaching development, framing Involvement, Enneagram and/or Insights Discovery profile to develop a vision of where the participant wishes to be in terms of actual performance both in their business and interpersonal development goals.

The importance of Enneagram to assist teams in resolving conflict, as a Conflict Resolution Model which the method is based on.


"Even though I could speak very well and think on my feet when I went to board meetings I would blush deeply and felt that I tarnished my reputation.

Working with Charmaine, we identified my narratives and worked on changing these. Results were instantaneous"

An Interview with me

ETIMY: “How would you like to be perceived by your clients?”

Charmaine: “As a partner that helps them to attain personal mastery in whichever areas they feel they need to grow.”

ETIMY: “What makes you good at what you do?”

Charmaine: “I am able to question in a way that helps the coachee to really start perceiving the root issues that are hindering therm from attaining their purpose. I can do this in a non-threatening way which helps them uncover issues that are deep and can profoundly impact on their growth and attainment of meaning..”

ETIMY: “What’s really fun to do in your job as a Career Coach?”

Charmaine: “Seeing people sustainably change and the excitement of my clients when they grow in ways they did not believe possible before being coached.”



Creating awareness in clients, of behaviours, that was limited to their corporate progression and development is one of the hallmarks of Charmaine Raftesath coaching; as a testament of her many years working as a professional and Executive Coach in industry.

Charmaine’s unique business experience derives from working in Government and the private sector. However, no experience can replace diversity. Charmaine has worked in the following industries, bringing with her a multicultural and international track record; Financial Services, Banking, Chemical, IT, Energy and Governmental/Parastatal, Entertainment and Recreation, Financial Services, Governmental/Parastatal, Legal Services, Manufacturing, Real Estate.


Charmaine Raftesath has mastered her coaching and then evolved to a higher level by cultivating a unique coaching method derived from the work of Otto Sharmer, Nancy Kline, Mary Beth O ‘Neill, neuroscience, ontological coaching, social cognitive theory as well as behavioural and change theory.

“I uniquely focus on  insight into people’s perceptual filters and empower them to become aware of their own dynamics and be more able to understand the dynamics of other people within the business environment”

Through the process of framing involvement, developing vision and recognised methodologies such as the Conflict Resolution Model that is based on the Enneagram helps assist teams in resolving conflict in a more effective, but also long lasting way.

My thoughts

“Significant personal and professional challenges; my engagement with my clients allows me to navigate through these phases. I find professional knowledge and personal mastery, emotional intelligence and leadership guidance astounding. One of the greatest competencies is the ability to challenge your coachee’s thinking and views without making them feel inadequate and incapable.”

Your future

Working with a business owner, aspiring leader or CEO and your team, helping you innovate and develop different ways of looking at practices, broadened your impact and penetration, supporting each individual to maximise their effectiveness, through my coaching, and this is based on a proven track record of methods that work.