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Anita Paalvast

Empowered: You Will Practice Improving Posture, Attitude and Balance

With a successful background in Banking as a Head of Operational Risk Analysis, (ABN-AMRO bank) Anita Paalvast has also earned international acclaim as being one of few women to achieve her 4e dan in Aikido; a modern Japanese Martial Art form, unique in that it diffuses the energy of the opponent.

The combined track records and experience have molded Anita into a unique Coach, with a rare but highly effective methodology of embodying leadership principles, and she is on a mission to take it national and global.

“I really dream of Aikido in the embodied way, (i.e. the philosophy) becoming mainstream; it brings people together and on the same course”

Her Coaching Method is solid in the organisational context. She supports executives and teams in increasing their effectiveness in communication, leadership and cooperation. Her clients report increased self confidence, peace of mind in the daily chaos, self control, openness and flexibility after just a couple of sessions. Anita is successfully promoting the Embodying of the Aikido philosophy into organisations; but be prepared to get physical!

Total Years of Coaching
Business Coach
Executive Coach
Life Coach
Corporate Coaching
International Coach
Philosophical Based Coaching
Evidence Based Coaching


Anita Paalvast, completed her Bachelors degree in Business Administration, Linguistics and Economics and went on to achieve her "License" and "Maitrise" (equivalent to a degree at postgraduate level) in Social Psychology.

Her recent Coaching certification was achieved at Newfield Network "Certified Coach Training". Anita has also undertaken level I & II in addition to the Retreat Conscious Embodiment course with Wendy Palmer - Finally, she has completed the Embodied Leadership program of the Strozzi Institute


At the heart of the Aikido@Work approach is exploring and learning through direct experience.

During the coaching sessions I invite my clients to participate in light physical exercises that are accessible to everyone. These exercises provide insight on how individuals cope with situations in their environment and sheds light on the their coaching questions.

Anita is passionate about letting people discover and develop their hidden capabilities and competences by applying embodied thinking, a dimension which is rapidly gaining ground in behavioural and cultural change.


By engaging also your body (your physical intelligence) and not just your head (ratio)... you ensure a lasting change in yourself and the way you act. This enables you to increase and extend your personal and professional potential.

An Interview with me

ETIMY:    “How would you like to be perceived by your clients”

Anita:   ” I am a highly trained professional with an out of the ordinary approach that works.”

ETIMY:    “What makes you good at what you do?”

Anita:   Having trained the martial art of Aikido for 23 years makes me good at what I do. Through the intense and ongoing physical training of dealing with ‘attacks’ in a way that fosters the relationship between me and the attacker, the art of harmonizing with the situation rather than fighting it, I have learned to not only sense my clients very well, but also support them in fostering a change of mindset. This is key in wanting to change anything in your life.

ETIMY:    “Whats really fun to do in your job as a Coach?”

Anita: ” What is really fun to do in my job as a coach is creating physical exercises on the spot that support my client in gaining insight in the matter at hand. Seeing them shift whilst doing them is such a joy!”

Below you will find more details regarding this unique Coach that has achieved 4e Dan Black Belt in Aikido, material for movies.


Anita built her professional career from the ground up to become an international executive at ABN-AMRO bank as Head of Operational Risk Management. in only three years.

And since 1992 she has practiced the modern Japanese martial art form, Aikido and is currently one of the few women in The Netherlands and internationally to have achieved her 4e Degree Black Belt.

Taking on her corporate experience with a top tier bank, and one of most powerful martial arts systems, Anita established Aikido@Work in 2009 and currently works as International Coach, Trainer and Consultant. She combined the Corporate World with Aikido establishing her method through Conscious Embodiment of Aikido and Aikido Embodied Leadership


By engaging also your body (your physical intelligence) and not just your head (ratio) you ensure a lasting change in yourself and the way you act. This enables you to increase and extend your professional capacities.

I have also incorporated the two main coaching models as taught by the Newfield Certified Coach Training for which I am certified. In these models the point of departure for coaching is that the coaching clients are already successful and whole. The aim of coaching is to have the clients shift the way they see and thus act in their professional and personal world. This brings about different, more desired, results.



My thoughts

I know that the physical component of my Coaching makes the difference in your learning, guiding yourself and your problem solving potential. Coaching supports you in developing new possibilities, learning to use different existing capabilities and achieving personal growth. In general clients come to me with questions around leadership, communication and next strategic steps in their career.

They are where they are having achieved success in the way they managed the work and life events they faced. However, on occasion the current way of doing things isn’t working anymore and this awareness is where we begin. The goal should be to create a situation that offers you prospects of progress, opportunity and development.


Your future

In  the coaching conversations with my clients, I notice how they address some of the stories regarding the relationships at work and at home. They have become increasingly aware that they may have limitations in reaching out for further success at home and at work. Often, they already conclude that in order to communicate effectively and achieve their goals, they are willing to focus on changing the existing patterns.

My coaching can give you a better understanding of your impact on others and the results you are trying to attain; more effective coordination of action and strategies for greater well-being and personal satisfaction.