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Abdallah Aljurf

"Aspire to Inspire"

Abdallah Aljurf has over 15 years of experience in different leadership, HR, and management fields, where he served multinational clients including GE, Oracle, Al-Bilad Bank, Aramco, Samref, National Water Company, Ministry of health, KFUPM, Cristal Global in his capacity of Coach, Training and Development roles. He is also the person who introduced the ICF (The International Coaching Federation) to Saudi Arabia. The ICF is considered to be the number 1# global coaching certification programme, and definitely one of the most prestigious coaching certification programmes across the globe.

“WJ worked hard. He did 97% of the work. My 3% was just being a catalyst who helped him”

Abdallah’s clients are located across the globe, however the majority are located in the Middle East, especially the Gulf region, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, and Kuwait. Understanding the intricacies of the corporate culture of the region. His European and US corporate track record provides a solid foundation in his role as Executive Leadership Coach. Not only has Abdallah mastered his coaching environment, however he thrives in this, not surprisingly, he was nominated for the “Thinkers 50 Marshall Goldsmith Coaching award” in 2019 among 50 leading Global coaches.

Total Years of Coaching
Business Coaching
Executive Coach
Life Coach
Corporate Coaching
Senior Coach
Evidence Based Coaching


-Certified Trainer: “The 7 habits of Highly Effective People”- Franklin Covey
-“MAPS” Certified Consultant: HRD Academy- UK
Associate Certified Coach (ACC): International Coach Federation (ICF)
-Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP): American Society of Training and Development (ASTD)- Now ATD
-“Core Essentials Graduate” of the Core Essentials Fast Track Program (CEFTP) in Professional Coaching: Coach U- USA


Having mastered ICF guidelnes Abdallah Aljurf went on to develop a variety of tools, (JURF method) techniques, and models in his coaching methodology, which has enabled him to take his personal touch on coaching to another level.


"I was confused and not sure how to prioritize the needs of the board, CEO, and my team, You took me from Zero to hero in my first thirty days."

An Interview with me

ETIMY: “How would you like to be perceived by your clients?”
Abdallah: “As the 1’st name that comes to their mind when they consider executive coaching.”

ETIMY: “What makes you good at what you do?”
Abdallah: “Credibility, Continuous improvement, and having my own methodology that is based on many international coaching models.”

ETIMY: “What’s really fun to do in your job as a Career Coach?”
Abdallah: “You: Seeing people make tough decisions during the sessions. Challenging executives to think out of the box and get out of their comfort zones. Knowing that I’ve added value to my clients.


Abdallah Aljurf typically works with senior executives in their first 100 days to enable them to have more clarity on their stakeholders, overcome business challenges, in this critical period of their responsibilities coaching them through their ability to become their “best selves” be more agile and lead through their personal leadership rather than hierarchical position.


Having mastered coaching over a period of years, Abdallah Aljurf created his own flavour of coaching, the JURF method which is customised to the environment, norms and corporate culture identifiable in the Middle East. As an executive transition coach who helps executives achieve results in their role Abdallah utilises JURF with additional coaching tools provide clarity and focus on the needs of the client often providing feedback that the ‘change’ was significant and instant; the client could apply the coaching immediately in the business environment.

My thoughts

My core values are integrity, professionalism, and continuous improvement, but I also know that plans are nothing without Planning!


Your future

“WJ worked hard. He did 97% of the work. My 3% was just being a catalyst who helped him as an executive coach to think loudly, arrange his thoughts, challenge his assumptions, overcome his limiting beliefs, and make better decisions that saved him time, effort, and money.” [Abdallah Aljurf]