Welcome to the ETIMY family.

A bespoke International Executive Coaching Company with three main services all related to the leadership lifecycle from on-boarding to exploding the potential in your corporate talent. Here you will find possibly some of the highest skilled and qualified International Coaches across EMEA and beyond. They are directly responsible for changing your life in a positive way. Helping you on your journey towards becoming your “Best Self”…

First And Foremost For the People You Love, Secondly For The People You Lead, And Ultimately For Yourself.

Our goal

Our goal at ETIMY.COM is to be an inclusive and independent educational platform. To provide Executive Leadership and Executive Talent the tools that they require to be their best selves, first and foremost for those they love most but also to bring good to everyone they encounter as they proceed to achieve what they are looking for.

ETIMY (Greek: έτυμη) Eng: ready [red-ee]
adjective, read·i·er, read·i·est: completely prepared or in fit condition for immediate action


The Founder

Nico Samaras


You will quickly realise that our Coaches are genuine, meaningful people who are empathetic as well as compassionate and come from a place of good intentions. I am honoured to be part of the magic with each and every coach on this platform.

Having worked in Academia, as a corporate professional, and now again as an entrepreneur, I have always been fascinated with Leadership, although for some time, I have been a reluctant leader. It takes acute responsibility to be a good leader, importantly, few ever achieve becoming Great! Leaders. What I know now is that my own leadership journey developed through lessons provided by my mother. A strong business woman who lost her father at nine years old and was a widow at 24 with two children tagging along.

Faced with a herculean task to bring us up, she rose through the ranks and gave us many valuable lessons that each Female and Male Leader should possess. I disseminate this information also through the book I co-authored with 28 incredibly charismatic Authors: Ready For Female Leadership The Future Is Now! “Click Here to view it on Amazon

For Additional information contact us here and we will help you and your team on your journey to becoming your “Best Selves” !

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