You can find a Coach on this platform from as far as California and Johannesburg who have either worked in The Netherlands or have a vested interest and periodically visit the country. ETIMY.COM supports both the local and international Coaching community, however the question always comes to mind, especially in some circles looking for a life coach in Amsterdam; is it really worth the money?

For an already successful and busy professional, it is often difficult to justify taking time out to unlearn and relearn new concepts sometimes based on the intangible, with the promise that eventually change will occur in a highly positive manner and success will flow.

It is my opinion that successful coaching should provide the Coachee with the tools they require to achieve their goals, over and above what their combined existing knowledge and education can deliver; be it corporate training, academic achievements and personal experiences.

Let’s take the example of Arian, a fictitious name for a part-real and part-fictitious story I heard recently.

Only six months into his role as Sales Professional, he was promoted to Sales Manager. He joined the company in high spirits, having been a junior sales person in his previous role. At the end of his six month tenure the position of (middle) Manager came up and with a little encouragement from his manager he applied and got the job.

His sales figures were ok, not the best, but not the worse either. One thing Arian did have, however, was his ability to communicate without passion, at the right moment, effectively and he understood his bosses’ requirements without being overly subservient.

And good communicators are the babies of the Executive team. Whole organisations depend on just that; how do you keep existing staff motivated with the loss of their friends who were made redundant whilst they may have just inherited the overlap workload.

Having never managed a team before Arian found himself woefully underqualified for the job. His communication skills and confidence, got him the job, however organizational behavior dictates that being a good communicator is not enough. You need to develop people skills to run successful teams seamlessly. But how does someone learn an inherent ability or quality?

As the classic tale goes, Arian lost total and complete trust of the team, and went about increasing his managerial skills (i.e. getting an even longer list together and ticking items off the list) and reducing his charisma and leadership skills whilst depending more and more on his newly acquired job title’s authority.

With the disgruntlement of the seasoned sales professionals on the one side and his Executive manager finally realizing how under-qualified Arian was for the job; sandwiched him to the point of despair.

In this situation, Arian’s ability to pursue solutions drove him to an experienced coach that nurtured him and the team bank from the brink.

People skills, are just that, dependent on upbringing, exposure to leadership, love for the job and 100’s of other traits and criteria on top of the will to change what isn’t working.

Simply put; personal education i.e. All types of Life Coaching, in a situation that is harming self and others is not a cost, it is a life investment… it is priceless.


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