In an interview over addiction, Russel Brand’s interviewer explained, “I’m in trouble and what I know isn’t sufficient to solve it”, expressing the various steps and how addiction affects individuals. This is an incredible statement because it is true to choosing the right coach for your own personal needs.

If you are in trouble and you don’t know what is wrong, no one in your family seems to care or understand you, neither your friends, nor your colleagues, what do you do? Who do you trust enough to turn to?

Often, the people that require a coach most, are those who do not understand what a Coach does, often-time don’t even know they exist; how can a Coach help bring about a definitive change when you yourself doesn’t understand what is going on?

“So What Do Coaches Do?”

Its easy enough to splash around the “Midlife Crisis” term however generation Y and X’s are facing similar problems to what historically has been a plus 40 year old something life crisis. This shouldn’t be surprising. A quick search of the net will reveal that we live in an era where mainstream media often admit that CEO’s are referred to as psychopaths, or at least have psychopathic traits! 

As as leadership evolves, so do their subordinates only looking to do a better job than the leader of the company! And if thats not enough at the same time we are exposed to individuals at home and in the workplace who have been branded with an array of previously unbeknownst ailments and diseases over and above depression; ADHD, bipolar, borderliner, autism, the list is ever growing. Our parental upbringing, schooling systems and social networks are totally inadequate in preparing us for such a complex group of individuals thrown in to make our corporate makeup. How do you communicate at this level, work and cooperate, five days a week with a minimum of eight hours a day?

The average individual just would like to get on with their lives, and hope for the best, wary of something wrong “unbeknown” to them.

Even if I decided I were bipolar and attempted to get more information and research on the topic through internet, no one seems to know what it is, where it comes from and most of all what the symptoms are! But what if… I am a totally normal healthy of mind person that just reached a dead end that I can’t seem to get myself out of?

So what do coaches do?

For the most part, they educate individuals on being their best selves using a variety of methods and systems, often based on formal professional courses, and other times create their own systems.

If you would like to be your best self, you don’t need to wait till things go totally wrong before you approach a coach, every CEO and executive team worthy of their titles get frequent coaching; not understanding what you will pay for, well.. that’s another story…it is indeed an intangible service.

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