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Joan Hoexum

"Change Your Words, Change Your World"

Joan Hoexum spent eighteen years of her career working with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Sixteen of those years as a Senior Manager, Embassies. In her final role with the Dutch Civil Service she rose to the position of Liaison, she had previously held positions in Kabinet & Protocol, Human Resources the Secretary-General’s office and Security Policy. She has also worked as a Commercial and Marketing director early in her career.

She is currently one of the highest qualified, certified Coaches, NLP Master practitioner, NLP Coach Trainer on behalf of The Society of NLP of Richard Bandler. She is also a certified Master of the Reiss Motivation Profile®. As a highly accomplished Civil Servant and Coach, having served in Paris, Baghdad, Madrid, Kabul, Khartum among other countries; Expatriates, Executives and Civil Servants equally gravitate to her practice.

Making my clients aware of their limiting beliefs, so they begin to discover how they have kept themselves stuck

Joan Hoexum is also a Tutor at Eurocollege International Business School delivering professional vocational training courses “Essentials of Success”. She is also a licensed Sports Performance Coach, and one of her coaching verticals is training athletes to achieve their goals and excel in their nutritional, mindset, physical abilities.

Her expertise is further reflected in her book, “Tomorrow is Today”, a book about the authors life and how “she makes a connection with the changing role of the Civil Service and NLP” (“Tomorrow is Today”) and challenges related to the demanding environment.

Total Years of Coaching
Sports Performance Coaching
Executive Coach
Life Coach
Intercultural sensitivity
NLP Coaching
Evidence Based Coaching


Formal Education:
Master of Business Administration (MBA) - Escuela de Negocios Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Coaching Certification & Licences
Licensed Sports Performance Coach™ level I & II
Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Licensed NLP Coach™
Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Licensed Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming ® and NLP Coach trainer™
Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Licensed RMP Master ®
Reiss Motivation Profile®
Certified Health&Fitness Professional®
American College of Sports Medicine


Awareness and impact of use of language (change your words, change your world), know your intrinsic motivators and learn how to deal with them, build new beliefs about yourself, change patterns of undesired behaviour and build new strategies

As a leader we often hear:
-Be more assertive
-Does not come across as competitive.
-Show Inner strength -> be strong enough to be a leader, resilient, draw boundaries. -Be able to deliver bad news and take that kind of decisions.
-Be more visible, more present.
-Too nice, over nice.
-Yet diplomatic enough to get what we want, even the next tier...


"Joan helped me to break through some old limiting beliefs I held about myself and my capabilities"

"As a result of my coaching, I have gained self-confidence and am gaining so many more results in both private and professional life"

An Interview with me

ETIMY: “How would you like to be perceived by your clients?”

Joan: “natural with genuine interest, easy to talk to.”

ETIMY: “What makes you good at what you do?”

Joan: “I am natural in establishing rapport with people and align with their values.”

ETIMY: “Whats really fun to do in your job as a High Performance Coach?”

Joan: “Making my clients aware of limiting beliefs about themselves and the words they use when expressing those beliefs. So they can begin to discover that they have kept themselves in the same place. It is really fun to, together with the client, discover these limiting words and beliefs and begin to challenge and change them. The relief I see on their faces reflects that change has been set into motion.”


Joan’s clients often work in highly secured environments and appreciate her (international) background, and eighteen year career with the Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs. This background is a validation where clients need to be sure that their Coach is able to relate and understand the highest need for integrity, secrecy, confidentiality as well as understanding of the Dutch public sector and its hierarchic structure.

Having experience in a multitude of layers at corporate and governmental institutions, you have a well seasoned coach with the experience, track record and education plus someone who is a trained communicator at these levels of intellect and hierarchy. Joan Hoexum is superbly qualified to deliver significant movement towards achieving leadership ambitions.


Joan often kicks off her coaching sessions with the Reiss Motivation Profile®. This is an empirical assessment tool based on many years of study by Steven Reiss on how to understand and predict behaviour.

Steven Reiss went on to conclude that there are 16 psychological motivators that drive basic desires. As Joan explains through her client’s experience:

“When you make the individual realize that others possibly have a lower score on Order, it helps the individual understand themselves at a deeper level while at the same time comprehend that each individual is unique and prioritize their basic needs differently. This new learning and awareness often leads to improved relations with others.”

My thoughts

“Born from a Moluccan mother and Dutch father has made me not only aware of the differences in perceptions but also flexible when dealing with people of different cultural backgrounds.”

“Over the past years I’ve helped people overcome their fears (of flying, insects, skin disease, heights, public speaking) and not only did they overcome them, they also realized that there were other issues they thought they could not deal with and so they understood how wrong they were about themselves all those years”

Your future

On the concept of the future of her clients, Joan Hoexum has a powerful message in our globalised and often chaotic daily life work responsibilities.

“We analyse what triggers set off stressed behaviour, then set coping strategies through applying strategies consciously. This enables clients to create better habits. Two months into the coaching clients often progress enough to apply for a job promotion within their organisation for fulfil other goals that they felt trapped with”