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Christie Linley

"Be Your Own Best Friend For Wellbeing And Balance"

Coach and Interior Designer, Christie Linley, has a 30 year proven track record working with architects; eight of those years with the distinguished Herman Zeinstra and multi-awarded Liesbeth van der Pol, former Chief Government Architect of The Netherlands (2008-2011). Christie Linley has accumulated enormous ‘people’ experience within all disciplines that touch the process of building; from government to corporations, owners to consultants and archaeologists, she was able to realise the individual perspective of their vision.

“Life has taken me to many different enriching experiences, variations in life have spanned… family structures have changed… geography and culture changes constantly… my life’s experiences added tremendous value to my development as a professional and passionate coach”

Internationally, Christie Linley designed for organisations such as  ABN AMRO, building new offices across the globe, designed for public buildings, housing and shops. Her formal training in Interior Design and Architecture, working with multinationals at all levels of intellect and stature provided the ideal environment to nurture her coaching skills and cross transfer this knowledge to her clients in their respective professions and life aspirations.

Christie likes to call herself an avid learner and keeps well informed of latest coaching trends and practices as an enthusiastic member the Association Gezond Denken en Doen, the Association NVNLP and SIETAR (Society for Intercultural Education and Training) She has an international English based education, speaks English, Dutch and Italian fluently and spent the last 8 years delivering formal coaching programmes.

Total Years of Coaching
Business coaching
Executive Coach
Life Coach
Youth Coach
International Coach
Philosophical Based Coaching
Evidence Based Coaching


Christie Linley studied Architecture at the prestigious Academy of Architectur in Amsterdam for five years. Previously she had completed her Higher professional education at the Istituto Europeo di Design,in Rome, Italy.

In her own Interior Design practice Christie has completed designs for lawyers, judges, doctors, psychologists, people in small and large businesses, actresses,  university professors, musicians and artists.

Accredited Diplomas and professional certifications .
-UNLP- Institute for personal development and communication – Master coach training - Accredited by NOBCO and ABNLP

-Coaching Plaza- master NLP health certification training - Health Certification Training

NLP practitioner and Master Practitioner -Accredited by the New York Institute for Neurolinguistic programming
Timeline therapy, Hypnotherapy, Metaphores of movement, Mindfullness, IEMT,


With an accredited formal Coaching education and an international career, Christie Linley helps members of the international community find their direction, in work or private life, her objective is "Healthy Choices"

In her approach Christine Linley allows her clients to explore individual beliefs and what brings about awareness, in turn freeing of the mind step by step to regain harmony.


"It has been a while ago that Christie coached me. And looking back I remember how her voice could take me deep inside and connect me with parts of myself that I didn’t know existed. Christie was able to tune into me and was sensitive to what I was struggling with. She listened well, was able to explain things and was particularly good at helping me feel through a number of very powerful exercises."

An Interview with me

ETIMY: “How would you like to be perceived by your clients?”

Christie: “As an excellent professional authentic coach who is trustworthy and empathetic and who’s method is inspiring in effecting change.”

ETIMY: “What makes you good at what you do?”

Christie: “I am an excellent listener and have a diverse and rich life experience. I ask to the point questions behind he question. I care, think in possibilities and I am open to also share my experience. This is inspiring and gives trust. Trust that helps my clients succeed in the goals that they set for themselves.”

ETIMY: “Whats really fun to do in your job as a Career Coach?”

Christie: “What I love about coaching are the shining eyes and the smiles I see when my clients become aware that they have everything in them to fulfill their wants, needs, wishes and dreams. I love the diversity of people, cultures, and unique views. Time and time again it is amazing to see my clients blossom.”


In her coaching practice Christie Linley works with clients almost as an extension of her former business network and group of friends for many years as an interior designer, prior to becoming a full time Coach.

“I have worked with managers and directors from Adidas, Zalando, Tommy Hilfiger and PWC.  I have worked with young teachers, journalists and everything in between for many years. Clients from a diverse range of professional backgrounds, in the public and private sector, locally and international. And currently with my Coaching role in assessments I worked with managers and trainers for  KLM, Nationale-Nederlanden , Prorail and Schiphol.”

Since 2014, Christine Linley also delivers and facilitates professional coaching programmes for young-adults “I make the difference” workshop at ROC van Amsterdam (ROCvA), Jan des Bouvrie College, Amsterdam.

She explains, “…it helps young adults gain clarity, confidence and resilience.  They learn that they can make healthy choices that suit their personal criteria and the course helps participants to access their  resources that they need for the goals that they set out for themselves.  The course helps them feel more grounded, helps them make congruent decisions.”


I have an international blueprint, moving around the globe experiencing different cultures, different people, different ways of life. Now I experience my life in Amsterdam as a tremendous gift. I have had the best of both worlds.

“I met this charming American family, Laura invited me in for tea, introduced me to all her 5 teenage children and told me about her challenges of living in Amsterdam, the culture shock was immense. They did not feel welcome, struggled with the direct brashness the Dutch can sometimes have. They had so many questions, regarding schools, house renovation, integration, social norms and expectations. They wanted to be part of the community where the lived but felt alienated.

There was a familiarity, and it felt as though I had met old friends. I listened, asked questions, and understood. In the months that passed I guided them with and helped them settle in nicely. They felt accepted, more at ease, happier, more understood.”

Christie’s clients are her friends, strong bonds are created.



My thoughts

“What I love about coaching is seeing the changes that people are able to make when they recognise that they want to change and explore their possibilities Coaching is hopeful and results abound. I am touched each day by their courage and vulnerability. I love the fact that I am learning each day, and that I can combine it with my other passion, music, family and friends. I like the fact that each coaching session is unique and the diversity of people that frequent my practice is inspiring.”

Your future

“The most important aspects are my ability to connect authentically to and with other people and the ability to see solutions and initiate blossom. I can connect people to one another but also help them connect with themselves, and bring to the surface hidden strengths and resources. I am open and willing to share my story and experience.”

“I am known for my warm empathetic, dedicated attitude and mission to walk alongside my clients and help them find direction and well-being.”