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Mónica Marquina Mínguez

Reach Your full Potential By Aligning Your Values ​and Strengths

For almost 19 years, Mónica Marquina Mínguez climbed the corporate ladder with Record Go, a Spanish company, formerly a subsidiary of Northgate, culminating in her role as Area Manager. In this role her responsibilities included working constantly with managers and CEO’s of: Istobal, Aena, Avis, Hertz, Goldcar, Centauro Rent A Car, Northgate, Aecoval, Ford, Renault, Nissan, Citroen, who always identified Mónica as a benchmark of trust and resolution.

Over the past decade, she solidified her leadership in the company by getting her coaching certifications and subsequently coaching her subordinates, peers and superiors. Mónica’s background, knowledge and experience were instrumental in coaching and guiding her teams not only to become incredible professionals but better people. Through the coaching processes she carried out with her teams, she managed to maintain a culture based on commitment and feedback within continuous improvement to achieve the maximum results. As a direct result an exceptional work environment, based on mutual trust was created.

“I can confirm that many of them were promoted to higher positions and many others became mentors for new recruits nationwide”

Total Years of Coaching
Business Coaching
Executive Coaching
Corporate Coaching
Senior Coach
International Coaching
Evidence Based Coaching
Philosophical Based Coaching


-Master Expert in Coaching - Nebrija University
-Master Expert Emotional Intelligence
-Executive Coach Certification by Aecop FIACE-Ibero American Federation of Executive Coaching
-Coaching by Values - Zinquo International Centre Values Coaching- Simon Dollan
-IEPP - European Institute of Positive Psicology)
Psychological Institute (Certification in process)


As a Certified Executive Coach Mónica Marquina Mínguez utilises coaching values and coaching strengths. That with the client contribution, brings out the client's greatest potential from their essence. She also introduces Grow and Gestalt Methods of coaching.


"I had a hard time communicating effectively with some departments and even though I tried, I was not getting the results I wanted and I was frustrated. The company was growing very fast and I thought that if it continued like this I would lose the opportunity to grow too"

An Interview with me

ETIMY:    “How would you like to be perceived by your clients”

Mónica Marquina Mínguez: “I would love to be perceived as a trustworthy person who helps her clients realize that what seems difficult is incredibly easy once they become aware of themselves.”

ETIMY:    “What makes you good at what you do?”

Mónica Marquina Mínguez: “My ability to listen and my presence, make my clients enter a full introspection that makes them become aware of their own aspects that would never have been raised and that help them align with their purpose

ETIMY:    “What’s really fun to do in your job as a Coach?”

Mónica Marquina Mínguez: “For me it is incredibly gratifying when my client has an insight that leads him to set goals that he would never have set before and then he achieves them, and it is really funny when he thanks me for it and I have to say: no, no, you have been you!”

Read more about Mónica Marquina Mínguez who worked her way to the top, and coached her colleagues.


Mónica Marquina Mínguez experience spans more than two decades hands on leadership. She was able to direct teams from different departments, sales, operations, finance, outsourcing, where each team achieved the exponential maximum to become the company’s national benchmark; always as a result of her Coaching, maintaining her corporate culture which is rooted on shared values.

Through short conversations with senior executives and managers, I was able to make them see on many occasions, what was holding them back, this led building relationships of trust.


Her coaching methodology is based on the grow method, focusing on the client’s values ​​and strengths, introducing specific tools to become aware of these.

Mónica further goes on to explain the significance of using this coaching methodology:

“Based on their essence (values), I can act honouring the strengths they identify with. Throughout the process itself, creating action plans to empower, always aligning with my participants values. In this way, it achieves an effective change based on essence, lasting over time with greater ease, as the most pronounced strengths are enhanced.”

My Thoughts

I can speak a great deal about achievements during my business career. However, the greatest magic occurred when as a direct result of coaching, the climate felt in my areas, where the entire team was aligned with a culture of collaboration and engagement was by far the best. I would also like for you always “come to work with enthusiasm” as my own collaborators said of me.

Through short conversations with senior executives and managers, I was able to make them see on many occasions, what was holding them back, this led building relationships of trust.

Your Future

“I realized how awareness makes you grow as a person and in your process make your improvement transcend in your environment. For years, that knowledge and that growth as a person and as a professional helped me to face many complicated situations in my work, and, of course, in my personal life, until an important turn in my work made me decide to train as a coach, I understand where you are and where you would like to be” explains Mónica Marquina Mínguez.