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Mirjana Gomilanovic

"We are all born to be happy"

Mirjana Gomilanovic had a high powered corporate career Sales Leader for CEE region (IBM), Marketing Director ( Orion Telekom) and Sales Manager (Nokia/Siemens mobile) prior to becoming an Executive Leadership Coach. With over ten years proven track record Coaching leadership in International corporations, Mirjana believes that we are all born to be happy. Therefore her work can be characterized as maximizing the power and knowledge of individuals in order to grow organizations and society in general. She is also a proud mentor in several regional mentoring programs.

I have my own executive experience; I use more than one method…”

Mirjana Gomilanovic is an international coach having clients in the Balkan region, Romania, Bolivia, Malesia and Germany, many of whom have the ambition to succeed, however, who would also like to have a contented life. She is also the author of “Lighthouse in me”.

Total Years of Coaching
Business Coaching
Executive Coach
Life Coach
International Coaching
Senior Coach
Evidence Based Coaching


Education & Certifications
Business Coaching Diploma: PriceWaterhouse Coopers certified program
-Professional Certified PCC: International Coach Federation
-Registered Mentor Coach: International Coach Federation
-Erickson Coach: Erickson Coaching International
-Business Coaching Diploma
-Certified PCM Coach: Kahler Communication Europe
-Points of You® Trainer and Coach Certification
-Emotional Intelligence: Oxford Leadership Academy fellow
-NLP Certification


Mirjana Gomilanovic explains how she "specialises in the development of leadership competencies, building in the work/ life integration"


I was unsure of how to proceed with my new (top management) position. We worked on limiting beliefs, observed the system as a whole; company, private life, and discovered winning solutions.

An Interview with me

ETIMY: “How would you like to be perceived by your clients?”

Mirjana: “You: As a supporter and challenger; their mirror, and good wind on a windy sea.”

ETIMY: “What makes you good at what you do?”

Mirjana: “I am passionate about coaching. I do not practice coaching. I live it and breathe it. I am authentic and present.”

ETIMY: “What’s really fun to do in your job as a Career Coach?”

Mirjana: “Meeting people who really want something out of their lives; having the opportunity to be a part of a-ha moments and to see and feel how clients grow and release themselves.”


As a leadership development Coach, Mirjana explains how her mission is to support her clients to make decisions and live freely in line with their values and vision:

“During the Coaching process oftentimes my clients understand and let go of some limiting believes and expectations of others; they listen to their own values and vision and taking into consideration the system as a whole”


Mirjana Gomilanovic has achieved several certifications ranging from PCC ICF, and Registered Mentor Coach and Erickson Coach, emotional intelligence and Points of You® Trainer/Coach.

This and her experience enables her to fully utilise the correct methodology for the correct instance, also taking on her experience with globally recognised top tier organisations.

My thoughts

“I use both my knowledge and experience in my work I am highly motivated by my client’s success, therefore, I look at the client as a whole, not just the professional side”

Your future

“I use emotional intelligence coaching and tools that are both challenging and supportive. I have my own executive experience and therefore use more than one method in my coaching practice; I respect and challenge my clients at the same time”