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Dr. Dawn Hamilton

"Optimise Yourself Optimise Your Potential"

Dr. Dawn Hamiltion has been coaching for over two decades, she has also worked as a university lecturer and as a banker in the city of London specialising in mergers and acquisitions. She is passionate about supporting Leaders to develop their full potential and bring forth their best selves. With a PhD in Psychological Resilience, qualifications in Lifestyle Medicine, Mindfulness, NLP and more, she brings an eclectic approach to support her client’s complete development.

When you learn how to manage your mind, your emotions, and your physiology you become unstoppable…”

Dr. Dawn Hamiltion´s coaching focuses on building resilience, enhances well-being and improves work performance. She explains, the key towards becoming your best self is through having a resilient mind applying the latest research from neuroscience, positive psychology, wellness, and mindfulness.¨ Her aim is for her clients to discover how to enhance awareness to overcome the barriers towards achieving your goals.

Total Years of Coaching
Business Coaching
Executive Coach
Life Coach
International Coaching
Senior Coach
Evidence Based Coaching


-PhD, Psychology (Cranfield University - Cranfield School of Management)

-PhD candidate, Finance, Corporate Strategy (London Business School)

-MSc (Distinction), Finance and Accounting (London School of Economics and Political Science(LSE))

Coaching Certifications:
-Coaching and Humanistic Counselling (The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE))

-Optimise-Me Coaching Certificate [in progress]
-Meditation and Breathwork Teacher
-Mindfulness Teacher
-Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
-Hatha Yoga Teacher
-Microsystems Acupuncture (Yuan Clinic) for Stress, Anxiety, Insomnia, and Addiction
-Biiofeedback and Heart Rate Variability Trainer
-Nutritional Therapist and Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner Dip ION


I combine best practice from the fields of Leadership, Peak Performance, Neuroscience, Psychology, Embodiment, Mindfulness, and Wellness to create a unique approach which is deeply holistic in nature. Combined with emphasis on taking practical action and changing habits, it helps clients to build long-lasting positive transformation.


"Dawn has been an invaluable support as I worked on getting more meaning in my life and work. I'm clear now about how I want to show up as a leader and what motivates me to get out of bed every morning. As an added bonus, I have more energy than I thought possible and feel great"

An Interview with me

ETIMY: “How would you like to be perceived by your clients?”

Dawn: “Knowledgeable, open, approachable, generous, kind, and always willing to help, whilst holding you accountable. As a fellow imperfectly-perfect human on a journey to bring forth her best self each day”

ETIMY: “What makes you good at what you do?”

Dawn: “A combo of continual learning so that I am constantly improving the toolkit of coaching strategies clients can use, combined with a non-judgemental deep listening approach that opens up a space for intuitive insights and magic to happen”

ETIMY: “What’s really fun to do in your job as a Career Coach?”

Dawn: “When the coaching-energy is high, such as when we’re working on creative solutions, coming up with new ideas, strategizing how to make something fit with the client’s personal work, life, and habits.”


¨A memorable example of experience in my field was an investment bank senior manager. We discussed what his coaching goals were and what he wanted from me in terms of his coach (e.g. accountability, cheerleading, insights). He had been hoping for a promotion for the past 2 years, but it hadn’t happened. He also was experiencing quite severe stress in his personal life. It is because of my relevant experience that I was able to direct him towards achieving his goals.” Dr. Dawn Hamilton.


Dr. Dawn Hamilton prefers to work on identifying and clarifying her clients core values so that they are clearer about what is important to them in the grand scheme of things. We work on improving daily habits to optimise work flow and inner resources including energy levels and ways to focus on tasks more effectively.


My thoughts

It is in my opinion the highly educated, ambitions that have a conscientious and had a strong work ethic that get the finer benefits from my work. When you learn how to manage your mind, your emotions, and your physiology you become unstoppable.

Your future

¨I work with leaders who are performing well but know they have more to give. Perhaps they are feeling overloaded with work, aren’t making career progress as fast as they’d like, or they would like more balance between work and other aspects of life.¨