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Paula Quinsee

Money doesn't make the World go Round. Relationships Do

Paula is a certified Imago Educator and Professional Facilitator and NLP Life Coach. As a Relationship Expert, Paula teaches individuals and organisations how to cultivate healthy relationships using emotional intelligence insights, Imago Therapy principles and NLP tools.

“Each time I receive positive feedback from my clients on the shifts they have made, it reinforces why I love the work I do”

Paula has appeared in the media a number of times such as – Destiny Magazine, SAfm radio, Kaya Radio, Old Mutual Live Radio, Radio Today, Leadership Debunked, Business Essentials, Mentorfeed and more. She also writes articles for a number of platforms.

Total Years of Coaching
Business coaching
Relationship Coaching
Life Coach
Corporate Coaching
International Coach
Senior Coach
Evidence Based Coaching


Paula as been a member of the Imago Africa Board, has presented at the FutureEd Expo, Imago Africa/FAMSA Dan Siegel Conference, SACAP Festival of Learning and University of Pretoria Neuroscience seminar.

As a competitive athlete and adventure seeker she knows from experience what it takes to set goals, overcome obstacles or challenges and achieve success!


Paula's methodology is built around helping and supporting individuals facing personal challenges or a crisis, pre-marital, relationship/ marriage or post- divorce relationship counseling.

In addition to Imago Relationship Therapy, she applies several techniques, focusing on, Self- awareness, Relationship awareness, Conflict management, Effective communication skills, Active vs. passive listening skills, Leadership traits and insights and Emotional awareness.


"As a result of Paula’s coaching, we are doing really well. She made us feel so comfortable that it was easy to open up and they have made such a huge difference in our relationship. We understand each other so much better and I am getting my mojo back. Thank you for the wonderful sessions."

An Interview with me

ETIMY:   “How would you like to be perceived by your clients”

Paula:     “A compassionate coach who empowers her clients to grow and achieve the lives they desire and goals they have set for themselves.”

ETIMY:   “What makes you good at what you do?”

Paula:     “I am passionate about helping people live a life filled with meaning and purpose and to be the best person they can be.”

ETIMY:    “What’s really fun to do in your job as Coach?”

Paula:     “I meet people from all walks of life in the work that I do, as a result I learn so much from them. The fun part is seeing them make a shift that they never thought possible before. It’s hugely inspirational and rewarding!”

Paula Quinsee is a Relationship Expert, Speaker and Author of Embracing Conflict. Below you will find additional information you might find interesting regarding her Career and Coaching profession.


Paula is a certified Imago Educator and Professional Facilitator and NLP Life Coach. She enables individuals and organisations to cultivate healthy relationships using EQ insights, imago principles and NLP tools.

Paula also holds a BBA Marketing Degree with over 16 years experience in the marketing and advertising field in a corporate environment. She has worked at companies such as Standard Bank, Nedbank and KFC.


As a Relationship Expert, I work with individuals to help them understand their relationship patterns, why their past relationships did not work and how to change this going forward. If you’ve been through a divorce or break-up or are unable to maintain a long-term relationship, I will help you to make sense of it all and how to change it.

Paula is the author of Embracing Conflict – a self-help guide filled with practical tools and insights on why we should and how we benefit.

My Thoughts

As author of the book Embracing Conflict, I understand the insights and emotions involved when it comes to managing relationships in both our personal and professional lives.

How do you build and establish trust? Communicate more effectively, or manage conflict and diversity. What is the meaning of being a catalyst for change or how can you reap the benefits of teamwork and collaboration.

I help work through understanding what is going on in your relationship and with your partner, by helping you build a relationship that is a happy and healthy. Its also important to understand why your past relationships failed and how to break the cycle, but ultimately building trust and respect is key.

Your Future

I believe I can help anyone facing a personal challenge or crisis in personal life, relationship or break-up. In organisations I work on people and team dynamics, relationships in the workplace, leadership traits and insights to effective communication skills.

My workshops on the workplace are hands on and experiential not “self help”. People walk away with practical insights and tools to start using and implementing straight away which can create powerful lasting results from the experience and real time learning through corporate EQ workshops.