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Muna Alyusuf

To Witness The Transformation With Self And Others

Muna Alyusuf has a rare, but also unique corporate career, having worked in roles for such diverse companies and equally diverse countries as Chevron Corporation (SA), King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research centre (SA), Dubai Women’s College (Dubai), (US) and (UK).

“witnessing (them) as they conquer their own self-doubt”

Although Muna Alyusuf clients are predominantly from Europe, Middle East and Africa, potential young leaders and mid to higher management, between 26 – 50 years old, she is especially proud to have designed a powerful coaching programme for young women between 11-17 years old.

This programme focused on young Saudi females in self awareness and empowerment. Through this programme they learned about their true self and contribution within their families and communities. Parents recognised the shift and change in their daughters, becoming more confident, having positive self-esteem when faced with challenges at school, within the family and the community.

Total Years of Coaching
Business Coaching
Executive Coaching
Life Coach
Corporate Coach
International Coaching
Evidence Based Coaching
Philosophical Based Coaching


Muna Alyusuf majored in Sociology for both my BA at King Saud University in 1987, and pursued her MA at the University of California, Sacramento in 1993 focusing on the feminist sociology of knowledge.

She pursued her MBA at the Metropoletain University, London, UK

In line with her coaching aspirations, she achieved her Co-Active coaching and Organisational Relationship System (ORSC) credentials in 2006-2007. She is ORSC Certified since 2015, and as of 2016 a ACC and PCC Certified with the Internatinoal Coaching Federation (IFC)

Muna Alyusuf was also appointed to Teaching Assistant where she assisted her Professor on The Sociology of the Family, Middle Eastern Societies, Cultures and Middle Eastern Politics.


While working in Intercultural Training, Muna Alyusuf found herself exploring Co-Active coaching after a tip-off from a friend. She subsequently achieved her Co-Active credentials in June 2006, and explains, "I began to approach my training with a coaching lense" She also completed her Organisational Relationship System Coaching training in 2007.


"I was on the threshold of being promoted to become a Director when I realised through coaching that I had compromised my health in favour of my career. I said not to the promotion; changed my lifestyle and became more aware and conscious of my needs by eating healthy and exercising. I felt good a year later secured a senior position in an organisation that appreciated life-work balance."

An Interview with me

ETIMY:    “How would you like to be perceived by your clients”

Muna Alyusuf: “I would like to be perceived as they see fit, maybe a partner, a supporter, a sounding board, a classifier, a challenger, a good listener, a chaperone, As someone who pushes them to examine the core of who they are and what they stand for”

ETIMY:    “What makes you good at what you do?”

Muna Alyusuf: “I think it is the knowledge that I am learning in this journey with my client and my humility, knowing myself and having a right relationship with me, my courage when my client is not getting added value to encourage them to look for alternative”

ETIMY:    “Whats really fun to do in your job as a Coach?”

Muna Alyusuf: “What is fun is basic meeting humanity at it is simplest and most complicated form every time”

Additional Information On This Unique Coach And How Muna Alyusuf Applies Her Coaching:


Muna Alyusuf had an impact on hundreds of executives at CARTUS. Originally from the UK, the company ran an cultural orientation programme across EMEA, where she coached hundreds of international assignees from different countries and different industries in their relocation programmes to facilitate smooth transition to work in Saudi Arabia and other Middle-Easter countries.

In both Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, Muna has worked with teams on alignment work around roles, responsibilities and commitment. This includes role clarity, delegation, alignment, values and how to create healthy team relationships


Muna Alyusuf has studied Sociology for both her Bachelors and Masters degree focusing on the feminist sociology of knowledge. She then completed her Masters of Business Administration whereupon she stumbled on coaching and completed her Interactive coaching and Organisational Relationship System (ORSC) coaching. She continued to earn her certification with ORSC and is a PCC certified coach with the Coaching Federation International. (ICF)

Teams she coached in the Educational and Health industries were able to recreate their own team alignment and had a sense of pride and empowerment and stayed committed to their team vision in creating alignment during difficult times. Muna explains, “teams created their own cultural signature of collaboration and reliability”

My Thoughts

Coaching transformed me; “I realised, faced with controversy, ‘I am not here to persuade or influence’. I am here to ask challenging questions to support your decision.” Explains Muna Alyusuf.

Your Future

“One of my biggest achievements is working with young promising people and witnessing them as they conquer their own self-doubt; when they achieve life – work balance; when the fulfil their career ambitions as they get the role they aspired to have; and when they overcome their fear of failure, and mostly when my coachee’s create healthy relationships with themselves and others.”