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Marilyn O’Hearne

Breakthrough to Full Potential Interculturally!

“Bias” is something that I have been passionate about since I was a little girl when I started seeing that people were being treated unfairly based on the colour of their skin or what country they were from. I didn’t know how to talk about it, I didn’t know what to do about it or how costly it is. But as an adult now, I do know; and it has really been a spiritual calling to coach and write my book.”

With clients in 40 countries across the globe, including work with Ethical Coach in Ethiopia. Marilyn O’Hearne is a renown Cultural Intelligence Coach, Speaker and Author. Her visionary success is derived through partnering with organisations who see coaching as a long term, organisation-wide investment rather than a one off practice. The resulting achievements are an acceleration of corporate culture towards high impact teams, talent development and sustainable success.

Her transformational coaching has touched executives and teams at Fortune 1000 corporations, Governmental divisions, nonprofit and NGO’s, including the United Nations since 1998. She has also trained and mentored more than 250 Coaches.

You cannot help but be significantly inspired by Marilyn’s work with the United Nations and likewise organisations. In the last six years she has coached UN leaders in hotspots across the globe to achieve incredible ‘breakthroughs’ whilst under the pressure of literally carrying lives on their shoulders.

“when a client tells me “the connection we have is beyond words”…now that’s really meaningful to me…”

Marilyn is the author of “Breaking Free from Bias: Preventing Costly Complaints, Conflict and Talent Loss.” She was honoured with the Thomas Leonard Achievement Award for innovation in coaching; particularly her integration of coaching and cultural competencies.

Integrity and Ethics are highly valued in Marilyn O’Hearne’s Coaching and speaking business practice. She Co-authored the Chapter “The Intersection of Culture and Ethics” in Law and Ethics in Coaching. Her centred, authentic approach provides a focused, safe place from which to launch breakthrough results.

As of 2018, Marilyn O’Hearne also delivers Coaching Supervision services, click above “Send me a Message” to connect and get additional information how this can support your coaching aspirations.

Total Years of Coaching
Cultural Intelligence Coaching
Corporate Coaching
Life Coach
Executive Coaching
International Coaching
Evidence Based Coaching
Philosophical Based Coaching


Marilyn O'Hearne is a ICF Master Certified Coach (1 of fewer than 700 globally) since 2005

Her training and certifications include US, UK, and Bali based programs.

Coaching Certifications & Education:-
-WBECS (World Business Executive Coaching Summit) Pre-Summit Presenter -2019
-Coaching and Mentoring International (UK)
-Advanced Diploma in Deep Transformational Coaching, Bali
Coaching -:Nirata Centre for Living Awareness, Bali
-Presence Based Coaching -:Doug Silsbee
-Certified Civic and Community Leadership Coach :-The Kansas Leadership Center (KLC)
Certified Master Christian Coach :-Christian Coaches Network International
-Immunity to Change
-Lead2Lead :-Lancaster University
-High Impact Team Coaching :-Certification from Cynder Niemala
-Six Sigma

Marilyn holds a Masters degree and Bachelor’s in Social Sciences:- Cultural Anthropology, Sociology and Psychology


Marilyn O'Hearne is a strong believer in inspiring trust and confidence, using a multicultural lens and focusing on the client’s being, behaviour, and the interplay of behaviour within the entire organizational system.

Marilyn delivers Deep Transformational Coaching, with sustainable results. Her methods include Presence Based Coaching and the Breakthrough! concepts also present in her book, "Breaking Free from Bias: Preventing Costly Complaints, Conflict, and Talent Loss." All designed for individuals, teams, and organisations to reach their full potential.


“Marilyn’s coaching helped me create & implement a clear vision; identify barriers to my effectiveness and guided me in the development of strategies to overcome these issues. Her coaching has led me to improve my business acumen, take risks and dramatically improve my health, with sustained results. I went from at times feeling like a duck with frantic movement underneath the water to being like a skater smoothly gliding over the ice. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her.”

An Interview with me

ETIMY:    “How would you like to be perceived by your clients”

Marilyn:  “The person that partners with them for breakthrough results! My clients see our coaching as the solution to retaining and developing talent and teams through breakthrough cultural intelligence and innovation, which increases the organization’s prosperity. I am a member of several groups of coaches that can be brought in for entire organizational work which can include training and coaching.

ETIMY:    “What makes you good at what you do?”

Marilyn :   “My clients tell me they experience the safety necessary for transformational changes and breakthrough results through my respect for them and belief in their abilities. They see me as “a gentle, spiritual soul, and yet powerful and provocative at the same time.” Besides my knowledge, training and experience, clients report tapping into my wisdom as a thought partner.

As an innovative, visionary thought partner, I see myself as a co-pilot by your side, partnering with you to clearly map out the journey ahead, identify and overcome potential obstacles, make sure everyone else is on board and arriving on time, and stay focused, on course as you further develop your team, your organization, and yourself. As pilot and co-pilot, we keep the big, aerial picture in mind, incorporating multicultural perspectives and a systems approach. And as you fly out into the unknown sea of change, my faith and gentle strength provide a firm launching pad that does not jettison off, but continues with you as you rocket to transformation!”

ETIMY:    “Whats really fun to do in your job as a Coach?”

Marilyn : “I am a continual learner myself and see learning as fun, so I delight in partnering with clients to discover and develop how to become even more impactful and prosperous as leaders, teams and organizations, celebrating their breakthroughs with them. I am thrilled by their advancing and fulfilling their purpose and vision, as I do mine through coaching.I love people and cultures. I am thankful for discovering and living out my calling as a culturally intelligent coach, speaker and author. Every day, every meeting is a new, fun experience.

From the Interviewer: it came as a surprise to realise how someone so accomplished, in the limelight on a global playing field can be so humble, down to earth. A person who says little of her achievements without in-depth prompting. Is this a trait of great coaches?, I wonder.


Marilyn O’Hearne, MSW, MCC, is a senior leadership, executive, team Coach and Mentor Coach with a wealth of academic delivery, programme design and hands on experience to back it all up.

Her near 20 year track record provides for textbook example of what the pinnacle of coaching experience entails. Not only has she coached leadership, online face to face and in the field, but authored coaching books, taught curriculum and trained over 250 coaches. She also designs and delivers her own coaching programmes.

-Vice President of Global Board (2009-2010), International Coaching Federation
-ICF Global Board member (2007-2013), Premiero Congreso Iberoamericano de Coaching
-Board Member: Association of Coaching Training Organisations (ACTO)
-Leadership Coach: Kansas Leadership Center
-Institute for Life Coach Training (Tutor for Coach Courses since 2003)
Adjunct Faculty Organizational Behavior and International Business in Hong Kong and Malaysia for Ottawa University
Adjunct Professor: Webster University


Marilyn O’Hearne is well sought after and has successfully touched every aspect of the work industry from government to nonprofit/NGO to corporate. This provides a wealth of experience in establishing sustainable change through her proven methods, interculturally, transformationally. Her focus on the whole organisation maximises the coaching experience and impact.

She explains her method of coaching, “Breakthrough!, (achieves) results through increasing cultural intelligence including breaking free from bias, reducing costly conflict, which can be the root of up to 80% of organizational difficulties.”

Having the ability to encourage and ignite transformational development with breakthrough results enables the organisation and executive team to quickly cut through to the core issues and co-develop sustainable success.

It is exactly this organisational trait, to inspire trust and confidence using a multicultural lens and focusing on the client’s being, behavior, the interplay of their behavior within the entire organizational system that Marilyn’s coaching method has delivered time and again.


My Thoughts

“Working with organizations for extended contracts, results not only in breakthrough leadership and prosperity but also a transformative coaching culture which leads to greater talent retention. My centered, authentic approach provides a focused, safe place from which to launch breakthrough results. My culturally intelligent approach, with confidence in my client’s ability to transform, provides a launching pad for breakthrough transformational results.”

“Remember that organisations lose a lot of money, by this unconscious bias… that prevents people from reaching their full potential”

A day in the life of Marilyn 🙂

“My day yesterday: 05.10.2017
-Led the Culturally Confident Credentialing Mentor Coaching Session (global cohort)
-Coaching Session
-Presented a Breaking Free from Bias program
-Proposal meeting for an organisation-wide bias programme
-Met a friend from out of town, went to a business reception, and then backstage to a Willie Nelson concert.
-My friend left this afternoon so I’m just getting back to work”
(Time-stamp: 6 Oct 2017 02:33)


Your Future

Interculturally Intelligent At The Office

Marilyn’s centered, culturally intelligent coaching not only increases awareness of the intercultural root of drama and conflict, but then follows up and develops customised solutions specific to the corporate culture. Her presence nurtures mindfully, with the aim to shift culture.

“I believe in your ability to transform your organization…”

“It is impossible to not work interculturally!’ considering gender, age, ethnicity and nationality, not to mention religion and cultural traits, I seek to continually increase my cultural intelligence: both awareness as well as capacity to function effectively, interculturally.”

Marilyn expands on Presence Based Coaching, quoting Doug Silsbee: “Centering is an internal process of …connecting with ourselves, and becoming aware and present. It is a living process of reorganization that shifts us from a state of being triggered or responding automatically into being self-generating, resourceful, & creative. When we are centered, we are alert, connected, present, & ready for whatever is next.”