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Lelia Spada

'The Extraordinary In The Ordinary'

In the last few years Lelia Spada has been working with over 400 individuals through workshops, 1:1’s and courses she delivered for Corporations, communities, schools and individuals. During a long-standing Learning and Development practice in Cisco, she matured into a Business Motivational Coach. Focused on the end-to-end project of hiring and training ‘Generation Y’ Sales Associates students from 55 countries, she blended emotional intelligence, experience and technical skills with her core interests: Generational factors, Education and social trends.

“…a near tragic event brought me to Mindfulness & Compassion”

“Whatever I did as mother or professionally, relating to my children, their education, working in Sales or in Learning & Development, I had to do it with global society evolution in mind.” Then, as it frequently happens in life, it was a deeply challenging, nearly tragic event which brought her to Mindfulness & Compassion. A new personal ambition evolved and the willingness to share its benefits with others, in individuals, groups and company settings. In the last 10 years she has found her mission, as a person and a trainer, in leveraging mainstream science based programs in environments such as Health, Business, Education and Sport.

Lelia teaches in The Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland and, when necessary, via online video platforms.

Total Years of Coaching
Business Coach
Executive Coach
Life Coach
Corporate Coaching
International Coach
Philosophical Based Coaching
Evidence Based Coaching


To the naked eye Lelia's education is seems solid, however each achieved accreditation and academic qualification builds upon layers to establish a powerhouse of knowledge seen rarely in the coaching arena.

Lelia earned a Bachelors and Masters Degree in (Demographic) Economic statistics. She is an accredited Mindfulness Coach and Teacher for MBSR, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, in addition, accredited with the Center for Mindfulness Research and Practice (CMRP) UK chapter of Mindfulness in School Organisations. Lelia recently trained on Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy. Lelia is also a well respected Sales Coach.


Lelia Spada delivers her knowledge through numerous workshops and courses across several corporations, in group settings and individually.

Her recent training in Neuroscience based Mindfulness ‘.b’ ( dot, Be) in School Organization and Breastworks, Lelia utilises the latest concepts of science to describe to her clients how effectively Mindfulness works, in a simple and understandable way, bringing learning to a new level.


Its not atypical to hear Lelia Spada mention  humbly:
In the beginning its typically "I realize I had no clue of the meaning of Compassion and Self-Compassion" and what provides me with a sense of job satisfaction is...

"this course has changed my life" ...and they stay around!

An Interview with me

ETIMY:    “How would you like to be perceived by your clients”

Lelia:  “Real”

ETIMY:    “What makes you good at what you do?”

Lelia:   “I am genuine and coming from my own experience.”

ETIMY:    “Whats really fun to do in your job as a Coach?”

Lelia: “I always receive more than I give. It’s the sharing and exchange with the individual and the groups, the magic that develops with them who makes may day.”

This section provides a deeper insight to the experience and qualifications Lelia Spada has:


As Mindfulness has been successful due to the successful empirical research, Lelia ties it all up with her qualification achievements in Mindfulness, Pilates and a Bachelors Degree in Demographic Statistics and Master Degree in Economics Statistics. More details below:

-Accredited teacher: MBSR, TTR1, TTR2, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, program, Bangor University (Wales)
-Trained in the latest Neuroscience based Breathworks and Mindfulness Self-Compassion, MSC, approach: Center for Mindful Self-Compassion (Sand Diego)
-Trained on MBCT, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy
-b, b, Foundation: Mindfulness in School Organizations. (UK)
-Breathworks: Breathworks Foundation (UK)
-Membership: CMRP (Center for Mindfulness Research and Practice)
-Membership: Access Trainer Network.

Lelia is also a Pilates Polestar Associate (A flavour of Pilates which utilises a scientific holistic approach)


Lelia runs courses for people with stress and chronic pains and has a special interest in teenagers. In the last couple of years she is coaching a growing number of young professionals by helping them deal with self-esteem issues in the societal treadmill.

My thoughts

In my training I aim at diversity, looking for people who wouldn’t be able to even come across these opportunities for ‘rewiring the mind ’. So many participants write ‘ I found my freedom‘

When I hear life changing statements from my clients it keeps me going on together with being recognized for my embodiment of the practice.

Your future

‘I am learning from your direct experience’… these courses are not techniques, people receive guidance, facilitation to find their own life recipe. The statement en-capsules thousands of hours of study, research, practice and application, finally re-learning.

We live in environments where stress is unavoidable, rather than intrinsically caused. At work, in education, individuals who work health care or even patients, and of course the justice system; mindfulness is the ideal medium to enable us to become aware of stress, its causes and help us better cope and even thrive in these toxic environments.