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Katrin Dürkoop

For Every End There Is A New Beginning

When the dust settles following a breakup in a relationship, and you look at your children, what then? Our complicated 360 faceted lives require impeccable communication, the ability to induce meaningful dialogue, a deep understanding of people, relationships, consciousness and authenticity; plus the ability to facilitate and reflect on our own actions over the longer period.

With over 12 years at the European Commission in Brussels culminating in her current role in Human Resource Management, Katrin Dürkoop has acquired a formidable background in ‘people’ experience and cultural diversity. She currently works in Organizational Development and Human resources, bonding individual relationships and public administration teams through events, conferences and human resource wellbeing. Her key success, however, is the relentless training and certification she undertakes such as Calling in “The One” and Conscious Uncoupling Coaching™, Coaching methods. The combination of experience and certification/training surgically put Katrin as a specialist in supporting professional and executive women achieve their own “new beginnings”.

“…a powerful sense of self-worth that you take with you everywhere”

Her drive to disseminate her knowledge on the art and science of life achievements through love and personal transformation is clearly evident in her coaching abilities, “by weaving a safe, supportive, transformative sacred space for healing, learning and evolution”

A discerning differentiation through the eyes of Katrin’s clients is the genuine, empathetic and compassionate person she is.  Katrin has grown up and lived in Poland, Sweden, Singapore, Germany, UK and Belgium and prior to joining the European Commission, she earned a double Bachelors degree.

Total Years of Coaching
Conscious Uncoupling Coaching™
The One Coaching
Life Coach
Executive Coaching
International Coaching
Evidence Based Coaching
Philosophical Based Coaching


Katrin Dürkoop has a key role in developing and bonding teams and human talent in her role as Human Resources Management Assistant at the European Commission in Brussels

She holds Coaching certifications in:
-Conscious Uncoupling Coaching™ Katherine Woodward Thomas, Los Angeles, California
-Calling in "The One" Los Angeles, California
-The Circle Way, Christina Baldwin, Ann Linnea, Washington, (US)
-"Wild Wise Woman" - Empowered feminine Leadership & Priestess training
-Career Guidance Coach training (European Commission)
-Life Coach training | B@O Group, Brussels

Katrin is also a holder of a double Bachelor degree from The University of Brighton (UK) and the Angell Institut Freiburg (DE)


Imagine a tool-box of methods and practices you can choose from in order to host a 'Life' event in a participatory way.

Through Conscious Uncoupling Coaching, Katrin supports individuals to move through their grief, confusion, loneliness, shame, anger, resentment and to find back the inner power, courage to move forward in life again.


"Through my most difficult journey of transiting from a broken unhappy marriage to a single person again, I have found the traditional therapy didn’t offer any practical solution or any guidance on the positive way to move forward. I count my lucky stars for finding Katrin..."

An Interview with me

ETIMY:    “How would you like to be perceived by your clients”

Katrin:  “as a good listener. I am a sounding-board. Someone who quickly captures a situation. Compassionate. Caring. Empathic. Positive. Energetic. Pragmatic. Supportive. Easy to talk to. Non-judgmental. Integer. Authentic. Honest.
Someone who is a good mirror for the other and who can offer valuable feedback in a Non-judgemental way. Gently challenging someone to take a good look at how their behaviours impact others. Leaving the client space to reflect and evolve at their own pace, respecting client’s pace & rhythm, while also challenging clients to step out of their comfort zone, so as to evolve into a new version of themselves. Offering sound advice & direction as and when needed. “

ETIMY:    “What makes you good at what you do?”

Katrin :   “I believe in the transformative potential of the two coaching programmes which I offer. I enjoy connecting with people and have deep, meaningful conversations. Having worked in many different areas/industries – from Tourism Management to organizational development and Human resources, having grown up and lived in many different countries (Poland, Sweden, Singapore, Germany, UK, Belgium) what I offer is an alchemy of wisdom – my own personal & professional experience in various arenas of life combined with the innate ability to see what is needed and what may need to be improved. ”

ETIMY:    “Whats really fun to do in your job as a Coach?”

Katrin : “Having meaningful conversations about Love & Life experiences.
I enjoy getting to know someone really well. Connecting to what is someone’s developmental need. Diving into my treasure trove of knowledge and resources and digging out the pearls for them. Diving deep into the the unknown and coming out the other way, witnessing and honouring another person’s transformation. Accompanying someone on their path in life.

Katrin Dürkoop has a unique coaching niche, read below to find out more why executives choose her style of coaching:


Following her dual bachelors degree, and a tenure at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Katrin joined the European Union Commission, in Brussels, working her way up from a Project Management Assistant, to Administrative & Financial Assistant, culminating in her current role as Human Resources Management Assistant, which provides her a wide-angle-view to people, resources, organizational  behaviour and the Commission.

Her ambitions for higher knowledge pertaining her coaching practice, Katrin actively pursues studies outside her work responsibilities in Feminine Leadership & Empowerment. Her coaching certifications are based on female related discovery and Intention for emotional freedom.

The combined effort of experience and method of her coaching focuses on allowing her clients to “experience happy, healthy Love based on a connection of authentic expression, honesty and truth” as she deeply understands the feeling of “ashamed of now having to face a life as a ‘divorced’ person.”


Katrin follows the principles of Transformational Education in her methods of coaching. supporting busy and executive females in their difficult journey juggling love, life, home and work responsibilities.

Her pursuit of Conscious Uncoupling is ongoing. The certification Provides a systematic approach method revolving around five steps, starting with discovery and Intention setting. Katrin explains, “After having attended the Conscious Uncoupling programme, clients feel a sense of relief. They have now consciously made peace with their past. They feel more empowered, radiant, self-confident and happy. They rediscover their their smile and sometimes reconnect again to their inner sense of humour”

Calling in “The One”: Is a method designed to overcome barriers to love
Preparing for Love, and for facilitation, as Katrin explains: “it is set up as an 8-step coaching process, where you create a vision for your love life, release toxic ties from the past and identify your core.”

Katrin is also certified in the unique coaching method “The Circle Way” where she learned how to host a circle of participants (private and corporate) and invite them into catalytic conversations.

My Thoughts

Katrin Dürkoop triangulated her methods to serve and support primarily, professional and executive females through challenging or difficult relationship based life events.

“Following a painful separation, many years ago, I came across Conscious Uncoupling. It was the only thing that helped me to overcome my grief, to make sense of what happened, why it happened and to take responsibility to move on in my life. And I thought, wow this is so powerful, if I could offer this to other people who are going through the pain of separation, that would be awesome!”

“With my own separation surfaced some existential life questions: Who am I and what is my role? Who am I as a woman in this life? This led me to pursue studies in Feminine Leadership & Empowerment. I learned how to stop ‘people pleasing’. How to step into my own power. How to set healthy boundaries. How to believe in my own dreams.”

Your Future

As a trained and certified Conscious Uncoupling Coach™  Katrin often supports professional and executive women through the difficult terrain of romantic separation to enable them to:

-Experience release from break-up trauma and heart pain
-Move beyond painful relationship dynamics of the past
-Rediscover you own worthiness to love and be loved.
-Evolve beyond any disappointing patterns in love

Katrin explains how “graduating ‘forever’ from the painful relationship dynamics of the past so you may  transform the patterns and embrace the new future that awaits you, is a key note in the process”

“My ambition in your future is to identify ways on how you can step into your new life with a powerful sense of self-worth that you take with you everywhere, and keep no matter who you meet…”