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Daphne van Roon

Learn to have the courage to live life to the full!

Daphne van Roon achieved her Bachelor’s degree from Dutch Academy for Psychotherapy (Nederlandse Academie voor Psychotherapie) after completing her education as a drama teacher. She has been working since 1999 when she successfully Coached her first client. Daphne is a Certified Integrative Therapist as well as an Acceptance and Commitment Therapist (ACT), she recently followed her certification for a Yoga teacher (Vinyasa Yoga)

“People discover their abilities, make conscious use of them and only then… flourish”

For the past four years, she has been working as a Coaching Consultant guiding change management; practicing preventive methods, facilitating employee learning and aligning employee goals by supporting amicable relationships. Prior to this Coaching Consultancy role Daphne has worked with several large organisations including VUMC, Ortec, Belastingdienst and OLVG hospital in the capacity of Coach and Trainer.

Total Years of Coaching
Business coaching
Executive Coach
Life Coach
Corporate Coach
International Coach
Philosophical Based Coaching
Evidence Based Coaching


Daphne has a solid track record both as trainer and Coach having worked in healthcare, Insurance and Government, both local and international companies, such as, VUMC, Ortec, Belastingdienst and OLVG hospital.

The culmination of this experience led to her current role as a Change Management Coaching Consultant.

I am a Certified Integrative Therapist and Certified in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Furthermore Deep Democracy (level 3) Certified Therapist.


“I developed a holistic way of guiding my clients to learn what their personal values are, to live out their values. Through this method, and my certifications I enable individuals to empower themselves, living their values rather than avoidance which encourages flexibility in life situations.”

Daphne also uses Deep Democracy, method, (Levels 1-3) which offers tools for decision-making with attention and appreciation for other views, without brushing away conflicts. Contradictions and conflicting opinions are examined respectfully with each other. In dialogue and discussion.


“Daphne helped me to accept the things which I have no influence on and taught me to make space in my head, so I can make meaningful choices.”

As an experienced Executive and Team Coach, Daphne empowers client’s who often face challenging circumstances in their private and professional lives. Her unique experiential Coaching Methods applying creative exercises, theatrical Methods, meditation, drawing, writing and singing provide her client’s with a tailored setting suited to their needs.

An Interview with me

ETIMY:    “How would you like to be perceived by your clients”

Daphne:   “As someone who emits trust and contributes to real behavioral change.”

ETIMY:    “What makes you good at what you do?”

Daphne:   “I have the quality to adapt easily to everyone. I am able to improvise,provided this assists the client.”

ETIMY:    “Whats really fun to do in your job as Coach?”

Daphne: “Experimenting with creative tools to help my clients to do things in another way than they are used to do.”

Below you will find additional information about the unique Coaching techniques Daphne van Roon successfully utilizes.


After I finished my Bachelors degree and then education as a drama teacher, I was lucky enough to have my first coaching client in 1999, so I split my workweek between working for individuals and companies such as VUMC, Ortec, Belastingdienst and OLVG hospital. I have also worked for large corporations as Horizon College, Nationale Nederlanden, Allianz as Coach and Trainer.

The early years saw me working with clients who had encountered life situations they wanted to overcome such as divorce, health or loss. I am a trusted source of preventive methods by both individuals and corporate clients.

Today I am an integral part of Change Management, advising all important stakeholders of the organisation, and coaching talent in teams on one-to-one basis.


I developed a holistic way of guiding coachees to learn what their personal values are, to live out their values. I teach my clients to deal with uncomfortable emotions and thoughts which are part of living out their values, rather than choosing aversion. This provides flexibility in daily interactions.

For me, the Deep Democracy method provides tools to assist decision-making by focusing on other views, without avoiding the conflicts. Contradictions and conflicts of opinion are examined respectfully through dialogue and discussion.

Using my Theatrical background, corporate experience and education, I provide experiential learning through creative exercises, theatrical methods, meditation, drawing, writing, singing which provides clients with a fun way to begin their transition.


My thoughts

In the process of Coaching, I created methods to develop managers, enabling them to be more effective and efficient whilst motivating their team. As this leadership coaching grew I developed Team Coaching programmes which involved working on the team as a whole in an inclusive environment.

Today I am an integral part of Change Management, advising all important stakeholders of the organisation, and coaching talent in teams on one-to-one basis.

Your future

I work on a experiential learning base. What this means is that I offer creative exercises which provide learning experiences. These exercises depending on the individual could be theatrical, meditation, drawing, writing and singing. In each instance there is something to learn, about work pressure or life challenges with a positive impact for higher promotions, achieving life goals or becoming more efficient with the family/work life.