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Marielle Obels

"It is in our hands to Flourish!"

With (a rare) double Bachelor degree (BSc), one in Psychology and the other in Staff and Organizational Behaviour, Marielle Obels has the experience, science and proven track record to move business leaders to the next level. Being that the next level far exceeds any previous success in personal endeavours.

“It starts with gaining insights into behavioural patterns and thought structure and see how they influence your professional and personal development.”

Marielle understands only too well how life can throw  stresses at us. Clients that come to her are our colleagues, friends, acquaintances, the person you see every day at the office. Clients who feel out of balance after having a baby, and as daily routine changes they try to find a good work/life balance. We often see our colleagues performing well, but we never really know what they are going through to manage. We never ask if they are overwhelmed by deliverables or if they are the mum they want to be because they perform so well.

In addition to coaching, Marielle also did social work at WIJ Eindhoven and was a Project & Team Lead at a Health Care institution whilst an HR Business partner in the Legal Industry. All of these roles require her to have a hands on approach, stay loyal to human science which makes her an exceptional executive coach that you can depend on for credible answers.

Total Years of Coaching
Career Coaching
Executive Coach
Life Coach
Corporate Coaching
Team Coaching and Facilitation
Philosophical Based Coaching
Evidence Based Coaching


Marielle has achieved two Bachelors degrees:

-Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Psychology from the Open University of The Netherlands, (2015)
-Bachelor's degree in Staff and Organization from Fontys Hogescholen (2006)

In addition, she has also validated her coaching practice through several highly recognized certifications:

-MapsTell Guide (2016)
-HSP Coach - Certified Supervisor High Sensitive People - Eszenzz Institute for Eclectic Advising, Training and Supervision (2015)
-Motivational Interview Interviewing -Trainer (2016)
-NOLOC (Beropsregister)
-DISC method
-LInkedIn Expert


Marielle utilises a unique set of methodologies in addition to a solid academic background in human related sciences.

"I extended my educational background in HR and Psychology with the MapsTell certification focused working with the DISC method in a visual way and a specialization to work with Highly Sensitive people.

"I followed several pieces of training focused on working with the principals of self-management and motivational interviewing."


In her client's words:
“Mariëlle, I forgot how big the impact of these minor changes is. It’s not only about getting a grip on my todo-list, I totally forgot about the impact changing my routine has on resilience. I am more active right now, able to contribute actively in meetings again, coming up with ideas and I proactive towards upcoming developments. This coaching was really a game-changer for me."

An Interview with me

ETIMY: “How would you like to be perceived by your clients?”

Marielle: “I would like to be perceived as a coach who makes connections – to the inner self and also real-life connections. A coach who is encouraging and supportive and who helps people to get from thinking mode to action mode.”

ETIMY: “What makes you good at what you do?”

Marielle: “My deep love and respect for every human being. My belief that there is a gem (actually many 😊) in everyone, and all we need to do is retrieve and polish them. Most importantly, matching people’s strengths, values and passions with their life goals.”

ETIMY: “Whats really fun to do in your job as a Career Coach?”

Marielle: “I really love it when realization kicks in with people and everything falls into place with this person. Making the connection – in the broadest sense of the word – that is what life is all about and what I love to do most.”



Marielle Obels worked as an HR manager before she to study her second Bachelors degree, this one in Psychology. Her first BSc was in in Staff and Organisational behaviour! Currently she has been working in HR for over ten years in the legal, education and commerce industries.

Marielle has formal and hands on experience backed up by academic qualifications to administer methods that work for her clients. She is savvy, understanding and can quickly deduce the core criteria for developing her clients ‘best self’. It is the combination of Coach, psychology, work experience and people management that brings this coach to an admirable top tier in coaching.

A key mention on experience is Marielle’s ability to deep-dived into the subject of perception using Voice Dialogue techniques. She uses different chairs for the different perspectives and while moving from chair to chair her clients gain insight the different perspectives of everyone involved. This provides insight to the different goals of everyone, enabling clients to review their own decisions.


Among other methods in her acumen, by utilizing stages of change model of Prochaska & DiClemente she focuses on the readiness and willingness of the client towards the change he/she wants to make.

Clients are often not ready to move to the determination phase when she begins to speak to them, i.e. in the contemplation phase of change. In this phase of coaching, she utilises techniques of motivational interviewing

Showing the ambivalence in what her client’s say versus the things they wanted to achieve. And thus by using the confrontation matrix on what would happen if change was not taking place. This often helps clients move to the determination phase of change.

The combination of her unique profile “definitely resulted in progressing in personal and professional growth, with more efficiency and maintaining a healthy work-life balance, increasing the resilience of the people I work with.”
It is this type of thought process that ETIMY feels makes a formidable coaching session.


My thoughts

Have you every heard yourself or someone say:
“Well, everything would work better if management would make different decisions” and “ I cannot help it works this is the way things work over here.” It took me some time to realize I was the only one blocking my personal and professional growth, Marielle Obels explains and continues:

“Is this what I want from work or life?”

“While balancing between the expectations and demands in the working environment and private life they (her clients) are looking for guidance to make the right choices in their careers. Without getting over-stimulated or over-stressed. Everybody needs some encouragement that they are on the right track and can control their own path.”

Your future

“For as long as I can remember I have been interested in people and how they act, what is their motivation behind their behaviour and what is their perception of things.”

“Ending up in coaching is my life’s destiny, this is what I love to do most. Because, no matter where you go, your potential comes with you. Let’s find a way together how to use it.”

ETIMY Asked: “what is the most Important aspect that reflect you as a coach” and without hesitation Marielle Obels responded:

“Encouraging, supportive, operative and earthly-minded”